This film is a sordid reminder of the duplicity of human nature. When animal instincts of man take over, it crosses all boundaries and limitations laid by sane societal norms. A man transforms into any other wild animal who caters to their naturals instincts at will. Even a man of god, whose life is dedicated to spread his word and propagate righteous living, is after all a mere human, a man , an animal who devours and violates the sanctity of another human; his alibi 'she belongs to a different community , a different sect, praying to a different god, so is it perfectly alright to prey on her?


  • Deepak Dobrial
  • Kashish Dhanoya
  • Ajay Tapkire
  • Rajesh Vashisht
  • Muzafer Khan
  • Viren
  • Bablu Khan
  • Arun Bhadsawale
Director: Sairaj Producer: Niyati Shah & Samrat Sengupta Executive Producer: Miraj Sheikh Screen Writer: Sairaj Cinematographer: James Fowlds Art: Harish Shetty Screen Editor: Kannu Sound: Subhash Sahoo


BERAKS a short film by Sairaj



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