Tanu and Manu work their magic again!

By Supriya Nair

Cast -  Kangana Ranaut and R. Madhavan

Director – Anand L Rai

Rating – ***1/2

If Tanu Weds Manu was a mad ride then the sequel is a laugh riot! The movie starts from where the first one left off. Soon after getting hitched they move to London. Tanu (Kangana Ranaut) and Manu (Madhavan) realise that they drive each other crazy and seek professional help to sort out their issues. Bored and distraught, Tanu wants the zing back in her marriage while Manu gets agitated with her petty kiddish mannerisms.
Still in love with her husband, but not knowing what to do, she returns to her hometown, Kanpur. Although they still love each other, ego plays spoilsport and none of them are ready to apologize. Her antics continue back home, where she is the connoisseur of all eyes. One of her admirers, Chintu (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub) sends a divorce notice to Manu.
In the meanwhile, on returning back to India, Manu falls in love with Tanu's lookalike, Kusum, a budding state level athlete.
Madhavan's simple and innocent demeanor grows on you but Kusum's reciprocation despite knowing the truth seems slightly hard to believe. With Kangana effortlessly moulding herself into the eccentric Tanu and then back to her lookalike, the rustic athlete Kusum, belting out those Haryanvi dialogues without a blink, reminds you just how talented the actress is. In fact, with Kangana getting her character traits so perfect, it almost makes you think that they're two completely different people. After Queen, Kangana's confidence level seems to have grown by leaps and bounds.
In an interview, Madhavan truly said that Kangana is the hero of the film. And indeed she is. Getting into the skin of Manu seemed easy for Madhavan, as you can completely imagine him as the coy and humble guy that he is.
Without too many dialogues, Madhavan manages to emote everything that his director wanted to show onscreen.
Deepak Dobrial won two awards for his portrayal of Pappi Ji in the first part of the film. Without a doubt he'll bag several big ones this year too.
Anand L Rai has repeated his trademark north Indian touch to the film. Well, with him hailing from Delhi we know where that comes from. Rai has proved that you don't need to have elaborate sets and conventional actors to make a good film. With his choice of location, his favourite support cast or character attributes, he gets it right this time too. Himanshu Sharma has struck gold with his original and hilarious dialogues in the film.
In the first film, 'Saddi Gali' became a chart buster with its bhangra beats adding the Punjabi flavor to the film. This time the songs have moulded the movie around its epic traditional tunes. The songs 'Old School Girl', 'Banno' and 'Ja Ja Befawa' are effortless. There's not a single point in the film where the songs look out of place or unnecessarily forced into the script.
Until the first half you'll be swept off your feet with the incredible pace and performances.
Everything seems to be smooth sailing until the second half when you start predicting how the film will end. It's usual for filmmakers to get into the zone of what audience's expect. This is the only grouse I had when the film ended. Rai had the opportunity to take commercial cinema out of its comfort zone and make this a classic, but slightly disappointed us with the climax.

Our verdict -
It's double the entertainment with Kangana as Tanu and Kusum. Even though the ending is predictable, Kangana Ranaut and Madhavan have recreated the magic in Tanu Weds Manu Returns and so you cannot afford to miss this one!

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