Tamanchey movie review

By Supriya Nair

Richa Chadda
Nikhil Dwivedi
Damandeep Singh
Director: Navneet Behal

Rating: **

What’s the film about:
Munna (Nikhil Dwivedi) and Babu (Richa Chadda) are two fugitives from completely different backgrounds, who end up meeting when they have a mishap with the police. While these two escapees are on the run, Munna ends up falling for Babu and they have a passionate liaison just a day after the encounter. However, the same night Babu leaves him behind and returns where she belongs; the den of her partner and drug dealer Rana (Damandeep Sidhu). Munna who is now madly in love with her goes on a search to find his ladylove and reaches the dreaded drug dealers’ home. From there on he tries to win her back from right under her drug dealer boyfriends’ nose.
Our verdict:
The first half an hour is crisp and well-paced. The director Navneet Behal introduces his characters amidst a barrage of powerful dialogues. Richa Chadda seems like a natural when it comes to being the rowdy moohfat Haryanvi girl. However she over does it in several places. Nikhil Dwivedi tries his best to get his act together with his UP-Bihari accent, but fails miserably.

In the first half of the film while they are on the run, Richa is seen traipsing around a village in a Saree baring her midriff and ample cleavage around rowdy men. How can she possibly go unnoticed?

The background score is out of place and doesn't go with the tonality of the film. With a rugged and brazen pitch of the movie, the music is overly romanticized and is a mish-mash of sounds.

The second half depicts their tumultuous love affair. There are several scenes where the duo escape from the prying eyes of Rana (Damandeep Sidhu) to continue their liaisons. With no concrete plot, the film rotates in circles and is quite predictable.

We think you should give this one a miss.

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