Super Nani: Movie Review

Rating: *

Sharman Joshi
Shweta Kumar
Randhir Kapoor
Rajesh Kumar
Director: Inder Kumar

What’s the film about:
Bharti Bhatia (Rekha) has devoted her entire life to her family who treats her very badly. But of course, she still loves them very much. Her husband RK Bhatia (Randhir Kapor) keeps showing her that her place is in the kitchen and the two of her three children agree with him. Her son Suketu (Rajesh Kumar) takes his mother for granted and insults her at every opportunity given at his wife's command. Even poor Bharti's youngest daughter doesn't respect her. She lives the life of the proverbial 'Doormat wife' until the toofan in her life, her grandson Mann (Sharman Joshi) comes to India from America. Mann cannot see his Nani's state and with the help of a beautiful neighbour Riya (Shweta Kumar) vows to change the circumstances. Mann helps his Nani do a makeover and then steps transpire to get her life in order.

What we think:
The concept of the loser bhartiya naari turning into a dazzling diva to teach her disrespecting family a lesson would have done absolute wonders, but only if the movie had released somewhere in the 1990's. Rekha, who obviously looks her stunning self, has done this particular theme of acting in several of her movies, namely, Khoon Bhari Maang, Biwi Ho Toh Aisi, Mujhe Meri Biwi Se Bachao, etcetera, etcetera. The film surely wanted to give an emotional Baghban-like feeling but did not even get in the vicinity of it. The loud, over the top acting was one of the many flaws in the movie including the sentimentally social message of respecting your mother which was not-so-subtly there in every third dialogue spoken by either Rekha or Sharman or Shweta or the baai, who was actually one the more interesting charachters of the movie.

It has be told to us time and again to respect our maatashri and pitashri, even Karan Johar said that it was all about loving our parents and we took it in stride but this is a little indigestible. The illogical parts in the movie are many like when Sharman Joshi, with his really, really awful American accent and his Nikon camera, lands in Mumbai and the first place he goes to is Sobo to click pictures of random people celebrating Dahi Handi. Not only that, he is invited to join in and without any practice whatsoever he climbs the human tower and breaks the Handi. Well, that's our Bollywood heroes right? Speaking of movie heroes, veteran actor Randhir Kapoor is also seen in the movie as Rekha's discourteous husband was extremely disappointing to watch and we think the off-spring of the great showman should now leave acting to the generation of his off-springs. It will always remain a mystery about why Inder Kumar chose this movie to launch his daughter, Shweta Kumar, in the film industry. The newbie's acting talents are not bad but very limited, much so that she hardly gets any screen time in her own father's movie.

With so much forced and stiff acting in the film, it was disappointing to watch even the very few bearable aspects go to waste. The only watchable parts are Rekha, obviously, with her timeless beauty still intact. But why would the award winning Umrao Jaan do a film like this is beyond our knowledge. Comedy guy Sharman Joshi has his moments of humour but they are sadly squashed by the  oh-so-fake accent he sports throughtout the entire movie. The supporting charachters of the movie who play Rekha's son, daughter-in-law and daughter are unnatural that it hurts to watch at times. The only interesting character is the baai who with her humour, has the most effortless acting in the movie in her extremely small role.

Well, we hope that the makers of this film would discover an actual time machine so that they could go back in time and release the film then, when it actually would have even a quarter of shot of working. But in this day and age, with all our melodramatic serials spouting the same message 24/7, we can surely give this three hour long preaching a miss.

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