Sunny's Leela creates smoke with NO fire!

By Supriya Nair
Cast - Sunny Leone, Jay Bhanushali, Rajneesh Duggal, Rahul Dev and Mohit Ahlawat
Director- Bobby Khan

Rating - *1/2

Ek Paheli Leela begins with several plots taking off in the first 15 minuets itself. Karan (Jay Bhanushali) a musician, who moves into a new apartment in Mumbai suddenly starts getting strange dreams. In a different part of the country archeologists are trying to unearth a lost sculpture. At the same time, at a fashion show in London, a high profile model, Meera (Sunny Leone) sizzles the stage with her show.
Too much information people!

While it's a known fact that the film revolves around reincarnation, the many jumps in the plot remind you that the makers are desperately trying to put two and two together. As 'destiny' plays its part, Meera lands up in Rajasthan for a photo-shoot assignment. She meets her prince charming, Ranbir Singh (Mohit Ahlawat) and invariably falls in love with him. In the meanwhile Karan finally 'cracks the code' and understands that his dreams have something to do with his past, that's how he too reaches Rajasthan to finish his 'unfulfilled' desires. As the movie has a non linear progression, even before you can gauge what's happening in one scene they move onto the next, completely irrelevant from the previous one. There are segments from their previous lives which take you back 300 years to the same town in Rajasthan. Although director Bobby Khan has managed to get certain aesthetic details right, Sunny's skin baring costumes as a traditional Indian village girl are far from believable. It seems like he took his fantasy a little too far while creating her character.

The exotic locations shot in the film are nothing we haven't seen before and as far as the sets are concerned, they look as fake as Sunny's acting. The makers have not missed any opportunity to flaunt Sunny Leone's ample assets in your face. As far as acting goes even Katrina can win an Oscar in front of Sunny. Moreover, her accent changes with every costume in the film. There's a scene where Sunny, who has a phobia of airplanes is gotten drunk by her friends and taken by flight to another country, tricking her into thinking they're going go to an airport themed restaurant. And she buys it!
Sadly that's how gullible Sunny is even while signing her films.

Spoiler alert: The sexy siren has made out with almost all the men in the film- Rajneesh Duggal, Rahul Dev and Mohit Ahlawat.
 The love making scenes could easily put a soft porn movie to shame! As enchanting as Mohit looks on screen, his dialogue delivery will make you cringe everytime he opens his mouth. Rajneesh Duggal who has a blink and a miss appearance is quite convincing as a village boy. With Jay Bhanushali's caliber its sad to see him doing films which don't exploit his talent.
It seems like the makers didn't want to invest in a 'hero' for their film since all (ogling) eyes would be on Sunny anyway!
Apart from the leading star cast, sidekicks like VJ Andy and Ahsaan Qureshi were forced into the script to give it a comic spin. Neither were they funny nor entertaining.
With cheesy dialogues like, "Zindagi mein pehli baar samne se London wali ko dekh raha hu, warna internet pe hi dekhu", even the makers couldn't resist taking digs at Sunny's past profession.

As they have marketed the film calling it a 'musical thriller' you can't help but feel helpless every 15 minutes as there's one trashy song after another waiting to give you a headache. An exception could be the Tere Bin track sung by Uzair Jaswal which was probably the only saving grace.

Our Verdict – If you want to see pathetic acting, a useless story and enjoy oodles of titillation go watch this worthless film today!

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