Review: Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola

Shubha Shetty-Saha

Vishal Bharadwaj has a unique style. A confidently cool one at that. His fans know that and look forward to watching that on screen again and again. And so Matroo ke Bijili Ka Mandola has that cool stamp that is typically Bharadwaj. This time he irreverently tackles the subject of land grabbing by a greedy politico (Shabana Azmi) and a landlord Mandola (Pankaj Kapoor). Set in the fictitious village Mandola, the landlord Mandola doesn’t really care for his fellow villagers and hopes to turn a fertile land into a mall, to further his own ambitions. But as is expected of a Bharadwaj film, there is a pleasant twist to Mandola’s character. When Mandola gets intoxicated after draining bottles of Gulabo (a local brand of alcohol), he takes a 180 degree turn, Harry becomes Hariya and turns into a lovable socialist, who even leads a protest march against himself. His Man Friday, Matru shares a love hate relationship with the boss. He loves Hariya and hates Harry. So obviously, he tries to keep Mandola under the influence of alcohol as much as possible. He has a conflict of interest with Mandola’s chirpy daughter Bijlee, who hates to see her father drunk. Bijlee is a bindas babe, who thinks nothing of getting drenched in the tiniest of clothes with the entire village as witness. And in the same casual manner she loves the politico’s dumb son (Arya Babbar). All the ingredients of a Bharadwaj movie is here. The clever play with words (Look out for the smart twists he plays with the word Mao), the irreverent treatment, the rustic, close to the soil ambience, the unpredictability…but then again so unpredictable that it has almost become predictable of the director’s work.

If you ignore some laughable loopholes, there are one or two mighty grouses. The film is not as quirky and funny as one would expect by now from Bharadwaj. Imran Khan is seriously miscast as Matru. Imran is too good a boy and not so good an actor to adopt the body language of a rustic, badass Haryanvi lad. Anushka Sharma’s chirpy, wide eyed, wide mouthed ‘all’s well with the world’ act could get a little tiresome. But then compensating for all this is Pankaj Kapoor. It is impossible to tear your eyes away from this absolutely brilliant actor, who effortlessly switches from the mean Harry to affable Hariya in a matter of seconds. He holds the court and your rapt attention with a performance so captivating that he alone is worth the ticket money.  Only Bharadwaj could create the platform of this kind for an actor like Pankaj Kapoor. One should be grateful to Bharadwaj for that, if not anything else.

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