Review: Inkaar

Sexual harassment is a serious subject. And not often has a Hindi film-maker dared to venture into that path. So when Sudhir Mishra’s promised to tackle it through Inkaar one was hopeful, fully aware of the man’s track record (remember his thought-provoking films like Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi and Yeh Saali Zindagi?)  

So, sexual harassment is tackled, but not in the gritty, determined manner that was expected but disappointingly limp and in a trivial manner. Also, the typical class of Mishra was unexplainably replaced by some crass scenes.

Maya (Chitrangada Singh) has a failed affair with her mentor Rahul (Arjun Rampal) and moves cities. Opportunist and talented that she is, she manages to rise to the level of National creative director, much to the chagrin of the CEO of the company, Rahul. Soon, Rahul starts getting jealous of her rubbing shoulders with him professionally, and starts undermining her efforts. Maya files a sexual harassment case against them. The head of the committee probing this issue is played by Deepti Naval (understated and elegant as ever.). Now the question is who is the real victim, Rahul or Maya. Here’s where the script and the movie starts fumbling and tumbling its way down. The sensitivity and the depth that such a subject requires are surprisingly missing. The climax of the movie is uninspiring and clichéd.

Even though what seems like Mishra is tackling with an urgent urban issue (Aren’t we glad Madhur Bhandarkar didn’t go that way?), a lot is left to be desired.

This could be one of Arjun Rampal’s best performances. Chitrangada Singh is pretty competent too. However, the script by Manoj Tyagi is a huge disappointment.  This subject needed to be handled with not only kid gloves but also with all the seriousness that something so rampant in the urban life deserved. Unfortunately, none of that is done and at points the treatment seemed only laughable.

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