Kaanchi: Film Review

Film: Kaanchi

Cast: Mishti, Katrik Aaryan, Rishi Kapoor, Mithun Chakraborty

Director: Subhash Ghai

Rating: ****

What it's about:

Kaanchi tells the story of an innocent village girl (Mishti) from the hills, who dares to fight the system.

A good movie is hard to define. So let Kaanchi do it for you. It is a riveting drama with enthralling detail, it offers thrills, humour, dazzle, disaster and poetic vision. With deceptive simplicity, Kaanchi looks inward at something closer at hand but just as profound - the social evils affecting our present society. An exhilarating tale about women empowerment, Kaanchi is everything that's inspirational, vibrant and impactful for the current scenario.

Mishti's a live-wire! She comes out blazing as a tough, tender, sexy and brashly funny in the form of the dynamite Kaanchi. Mishti plays the role with effortless charm and gritty conviction, yet true to the Showman's style there are other fascinating characters within the story as well. Ghai draws strong performances from a large cast, including the likes of veterans like Rishi Kapoor and Mithun Chakraborty.

The fact that Subhash Ghai is in the director's chair, pretty much guarantees the movie will be a blockbuster. Ghai's touch makes Kaanchi way swifter and effective a flick with stunning visuals and twists. Every shot looks great, with gorgeous cinematography.

The cinematography maintains an edge of heightened reality against a warm emotional and visual backdrop, and Ismail Darbar, Salim-Sulaiman's lively score contribute in their respective ways to increase a sense of curiosity and expectation.

The arc of the tale may be conventional, but Mishti, in a forceful dramatic performance, allows us to take in every moment through fresh, impassioned eyes.

What to do:

Kaanchi is yet another masterpiece on women's empowerment, from the master himself, the showman Subhash Ghai!

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