Heropanti Film Review

By Sayantan Dalal

Film: Heropanti

Cast: Tiger Shroff, Kriti Sanon, Prakash Raj

Director: Sabbir Khan

Rating: ** 1/2

Heropanti follows Babloo (Tiger Shroff) when he gets into trouble for helping his friend runaway with his girlfriend from a strict Jatt family. But it gets more complicated when he falls in love with another daughter (Kriti Sanon) from the same family.

Set in Haryana, or as it is called here 'Jattland', director Sabbir Khan begins slowly by introducing major characters in the film and soon we find ourselves at a gym staring at the screen in awe of Tiger Shroff's impeccable action stunts, the wrath of which is faced by the local goons. There's maar-dhar, there's six pack abs, there's Prakash Raj (who seems to be playing the same old villain's character), there's 'patli kamar' (that's how Tiger refers to Kriti Sanon), Heropanti seems to have it all...ok...wait a minute, it's missing something...oh, yes, what about the script? And there comes the biggest let down in the form of a weak and naïve screenplay and some really corny dialogues!

Remake of the Telugu film, Parugu, Heropanti seems to be a mash up between DDLJ and Salman Khan films. While in the first half you can still force yourself to laugh to some of the innocent banters, second half becomes dull, boring and predictable. Having said that, if you are a fan of typical masala films, Heropanti is not a bad option to try out. Teh director even manages to touch upon sensitive subjects like honour killing and rape.

Coming to Tiger Shroff, there's no argument that the young lad can dance and can do some super stunts! Be it jumping off a building to martial arts – he can give the likes of Khiladis and Dabanggs a run for their money! Tiger is a way better bet for a hardcore action film. But when it comes to pure acting, he still has a long way to go.

Kriti Sanon is simply gorgeous and lights up the screen and can act pretty well! Unfortunately, her character is not that strong enough to make us go wow.

Some of the songs are the only elements which will keep your spirits up until the end of the film.

To watch or not to watch:

It's fun if you are into masala entertainers, but if you still get bored, you can always whistle your way out!

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