Film Review: Satya 2

By Sayantan Dalal

Film: Satya 2
Rating: **
Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Starring: Puneet Singh Ratn, Anaika Soti and Aradhna Gupta

What it is about:    A common man, Satya's (Puneet Singh Ratn) journey to become the menacing modern day underworld Don aka Robin Hood of the poor with a dash of naxalite ideologies.
What's good:    The story line is gripping from the beginning as we see Satya rise to power, one kill after the other and sets up his Company in the Mumbai underworld.
The first half keeps you hooked as we see a common man take on the system and tries to change it, as many would term it in an unorthodox manner.
If Satya was RGV's best work, Satya 2 is definitely nowhere close to it. But, it's a refreshing change from his last few disasters.
What's not:    Satya 2 doesn't have an original idea as such. RGV's film is simply running on empty, ripping off his own crime thrillers like Company, D, Sarkar and off course the classic Satya. The result - a disappointing collection of amateur acting, tacky song sequences, heard that before background score and an unsatisfactory climax sequence.
The three new actors Puneet Singh Ratn (Satya), Anaika Soti (Chitra) and Aradhna Gupta (Special), don't help the storyline one bit. Puneet's straight face no emotion acting doesn't make you believe that this man actually is the new underworld Don. Anaika has nothing much to do apart from slow-mo dancing and showing off her assets. And for Aradhna Gupta what can we say, the fact that her character is named 'Special,' simply sums it up.
It's a shame that once the end credits start rolling you are left with this unsatisfactory feeling, which can only be overcome by watching RGV's original classic Satya.
Lastly, the use of silly background montages during the film's narration, doesn't help RGV's cause.
What to do:    Satya 2 will leave you wanting more. Wait for its television premiere and watch it then.

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