Film Review: Jackpot

By Sayantan Dalal

Film: Jackpot

Rating: Zero

Director: Kaizad Gustad

Starring: Naseeruddin Shah, Sunny Leone, Sachiin Joshi

What it is about:

The film is centred around three con artists in a world of poker and casino in picturesque Goa. Apart from that, even after you finish watching the film, you will still feel dizzy thinking about the plot.    

What's hot:

Nothing! … Not even Sunny Leone's striptease act can glue you to your seat!

What's not: 

Jackpot will leave you mind-numbed. The film fails to deliver in all aspects. After just 10 minutes into the film, you will know what a disaster this is going to be. This is the moment when you feel like you should have listened to your boss and skipped the screening altogether.

Kaizad Gustad, who had given us Katrina Kaif and Boom, has completely lost the plot. The film alternatively goes through flashback and real time, so randomly, that at the end you won't even realise what just hit you. The only good thing that comes out from the film is beautiful Goa. And in spite of Kaizad choosing an intriguing world of poker and casino, he fails to play it up, thus giving us a dull, boring film.

Let's talk about the stars in the film. Clearly, Sunny Leone hasn't learned anything from her previous disaster Jism 2. The fact that she chose Jackpot to be her second Bollywood film just says it all. Seeing Sunny emote… err…rather not emote, for one and a half hours, is a pain.

Naseeruddin Shah plays a quirky, rich casino owner, who likes to get pampered by firangs and has a thing for the middle finger! The fact that he agreed to do Jackpot, is painfully disturbing. One of the finest actors ever, must have been held at gun point when he signed the movie.

Lastly, coming to Sachiin Joshi, there's hardly anything to say. He has no presence, terrible dialogue delivery; in short not worthy to be a hero. Even his sidekick in the film can act better than him.
What to do: 

If you had thought of catching Jackpot only for Sunny Leone, you might as well rent one of her DVDs, at least that way you are guaranteed some entertainment! Otherwise, Jackpot is a disaster! So forget about the theatre, don't even bother to watch it on TV later.

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