Film Review: Bullett Raja

By Sayantan Dalal

Film: Bullett Raja

Rating: ***

Director: Tigmanshu Dhulia

Starring: Saif Ali Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Jimmy Shergill, Ravi Kishen, Gulshan Grover, Raj Babbar

What it is about:

Two guys (Jimmy Shergill and Saif Ali Khan) become friends in unimaginable circumstances and turn revenge seeking mafias (or as they say in the film 'Political Commandos') in UP. The film is about their journey, through violence, greed, revenge, love and some more violence.

What's good:

This brutal revenge flick, with its bromcom double act from Saif Ali Khan and Jimmy Shergill, is set against the backdrop of UP mafia and politics.

The film opens with a bang and goes back into the flashback. The wedding sequence - which is a celebration of more guns than guests from both sides combined; Mahie Gill grooving to Don't Touch My Body, with rowdy men drooling over her - sets the tone for the film.

The fact that the film shows Saif and Jimmy going inside a jail, to stay safe from goons, speaks volumes about director Tigmanshu Dhulia's vision and his thirst for reality cinema. The director manages to keep Bullett Raja distinctive, sometimes audacious, sometimes funny and a wholesome entertainer. Tigmanshu has an ability to make you believe in it and see through it at the same time and the audience is definitely alive to it, enjoying what's lusciously and profanely over the top.

In the film, Saif Ali Khan suffers a tragedy in the film's opening half and is offered something of a chance at redemption in the second half. And he never looks back. Saif gives a rock solid performance with some comic relief and lots of hardcore goli baari. Saif perfectly fits the role of Raja Misra and delivers!

With a support cast littered with fine performers, like Ravi Kishen, Jimy Shergill and Raj Babbar, this tale of revenge delivers some glossy entertainment!

A special shout out to Tigmanshu, for writing some zany dialogues delivered effortlessly by Saif in a thick UP dialect. Unlike most of the Bollywood films, Bullett Raja finds its way out of the curse of the second half, and gives a feel good twist in the tale climax.

What's not:

Sonakshi Sinha alternately primps and poses her way through most of her scenes. Can't blame her though, since she has a very limited scope to show off her acting prowess to the audience.

The basic mechanism of a revenge drama like Bullett Raja is - some bad person commits repeated violence against the innocent, which sets the ground for retaliation. That way the audience are left feeling happy and morally assured in the display of violence. But, while on his way to achieve that, Tigmanshu comes across trying hard to join in the 100 crore club, a far cry from his usual trademark flicks.

Apart from Tamanche Pe Disco, other songs and their lyrics fail to leave a mark on you.

What to do:

Bullett Raja is definitely worth your time, it's fun, has lots of action sequences, some good acting and of course Tamanche Pe Disco!

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