Creature 3D: Film Review

- By Sheetal Tambe

Film: Creature 3D

Cast: Bipasha Basu, Imran Abbas Naqvi

Director: Vikram Bhatt

Rating: 1.5 stars

What the film is about: Ahana (Bipasha Basu) shifts to the scenic Himachal Pradesh to set up a new resort named Glendale business on a loan taken from a bank. With the beauty of the forest as the main attraction, Bipasha hopes to pay off her dad's debtors by making brisk business from the resort. Unfortunately, a powerful demon unknown to mankind lurking in the woods nearby creates havoc on her business plans by terrorizing and mercilessly killing her guests and employees. Ahana with the help of her lover Karan, (Imran Abbas) teams to take stock of the situation and eliminate the monster before he can harm anyone else.

5 things we liked about the film:

The novel concept devised by Vikram wherein he seeks to incite fear and horror with the help of a creature is a welcome departure from ghosts, spirits and other supernatural elements that is Bollywood's tried and tested formula when it comes to horror.

The element of horror is well exploited in the first half with enough mystery woven around the strange human devouring creature.

Bipasha looks fresh and beautiful and doesn't really bear traces of ageing.

The 3D effect at times beautifully brings out the element of fright meant to scare us.

The songs are melodious and hummable.

5 things we disliked:

The VFX effects are downright bad. The creature fails to strike fear due to the extremely bad animation. The animation would have made a basic level entrant in animation school proud perhaps.

The story is revealed in the first half and the mystery over the creature and its existence is lifted completely leaving not much for the audience to guess in the 2nd half.

Lack of chemistry between Imran Abbas and Bipasha Basu.

The story was unnecessarily prolonged and was punched with multiple flaws. There were ample opportunities to kill off the Creature easily but Vikram Bhatt and co decide otherwise.

The best song Mohabbat Barsa De was beamed along with the credits of the movie. Definitely a bad choice.


After the debacle of Humshakals, Bipasha was looking to hit the bull's eye with Creature. She tried to be a Mardaani by taking on the creature in a single handed battle with little aid from her sidekick lover Imran. Unfortunately, there was not much to showoff in terms of acting skills. All that she could do was shriek, cry and run. Bipasha emoted well in the melodramatic sequences but failed to look convincing while being chased by the Creature. Imran Abbas sported only one expression throughout the film that of a man who underwent a bad botox procedure. The story too barely allowed them to display any other emotion. The rest of the star cast isn't worth mentioning. Mukul Dev playing a scientist makes an appearance to kill the Creature. Wonder why scientists and not policemen were involved in the hunting operation.

Our take:

This 'Creature' will not really haunt you. The plot is neither gripping nor are the performances. You can afford to give this one a miss. Unless you are a die hard fan of Bipasha and love watching horror movies don't expect much from this flick.

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