Bobby Jasoos film review

By Sayantan Dalal

Film: Bobby Jasoos

Cast: Vidya Balan, Ali Fazal, Supriya Pathak

Director: Samar Shaikh

Rating: **1/2

Like every other detective film, Bobby Jasoos ultimately stands or falls on the strength of its script and its cast. While the cast has delivered, the script disappoints!

The film revolves around Bilkis Ahmed's (Vidya Balan) struggle while juggling between her detective career and an angry father (Rajendra Gupta). Though the film has its moments, the negatives weighed down on the film.    

- The movie stars Vidya Balan as Bilkis Ahmed, a detective who dreams big. She trusts her hunches but resists the obvious answers. Vidya plays her character with such unforced charm and bruised emotion - thanks to a sinking boat of a career and a worried father. But Vidya's charms are not enough; even her dozen guises are not enough to prevent this sinking ship.

- Before heading for the screening I felt a lip-smacking anticipation about seeing yet another masterpiece from Vidya Balan. To be fair the film has a brain, a heart and an artful sense of purpose, but all goes in vain when the climax turns out to be as melodramatic as an Ekta Kapoor serial.

- Then there is the same old need to inject lame song sequences, especially in a film which is supposed to thrill you not put you to sleep. At one point, especially in the second half, Bobby Jasoos was looking more like a mushy love story than a detective film.

If there were no The Dirty Picture and Kahaani to fall back on, Bobby Jasoos would have flourished. But Vidya has set such a high benchmark for her, that anything less than that will surely disappoint.

To watch or not to watch:

Bobby Jasoos is a wisp of a movie. But it can wipe you out.

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