Bewakoofiyaan: Film Review

By Sayantan Dalal

Film: Bewakoofiyaan

Cast: Sonam Kapoor, Ayushmann Khurrana and Rishi Kapoor

Director: Nupur Asthana

Rating: ***

'Bewakoofiyaan is a light hearted, funny film, which will keep you entertained till the end.'

What it is about:

A young Marketing Executive Mohit Chaddha (Ayushmann Khurrana) just got a promotion and life's good, until recession strikes and he gets the pink slip. To make things worse, apart from looking for his job, he also has to impress his girlfriend Mayera Sehgal's (Sonam Kapoor) father VK Sehgal (Rishi Kapoor), to win her hand in marriage.

What's Good:

Director Nupur Asthana's Bewakoofiyaan is a light and breezy comedy following Mohit Chaddha's struggle to juggle his life while searching for a new job at a recession hit country, keeping up with his ambitious girlfriend Mayera and impress her father, a stickler for rules. 

Though the film is about Ayushmann's character, it's Rishi Kapoor who stands out. He is funny, energetic and full on entertaining. The veteran actor has made Bewakoofiyaan his film, with yet another great performance.

The glamorous Sonam Kapoor wows in a two piece and portrays her character perfectly as expected. But it's a shame that the script doesn't give her more to explore and work on.

Though the storyline doesn't offer you much, the film still has a few funny moments to enjoy and Nupur Asthana keeps the film short and sweet.   

What's Not:

Written by Habib Faisal, the storyline is as predictable as it gets. The characters have no such depths in them for the audience to connect to. And with a few very average songs the end result is below par. The film could have been easily made with a few newcomers, instead of wasting talented actors like Sonam and Ayushmann's real potentials.

What to do:

Bewakoofiyaan is a light hearted, funny film, which will keep you entertained till the end.

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