Arshad and Jackky will bomb your brains! Literally!

By Supriya Nair

Director – Ashish R Mohan

Cast - Arshad Warsi, Jackky Bhagnani and Lauren Gottlieb

Rating - **

Two imbeciles, Shammi (Arshad Warsi) and Kedar (Jackky Bhagnani) try and go to the US by a yacht but end up in Karachi, Pakistan.
They somehow land up in the hands of the Taliban and end up bombing an entire unit of leaders. Things go awry when a corrupt minister claims that they are Pakistani soldiers who were recruited for the task and the two become the hero's of Pakistan. The rest of the (so called) plot revolves around them trying to get home. (sigh)

Director Ashish R Mohan has used every stereotype in the book along with writer Vrajesh Hirjee in the film. A hilarious comic artist himself at one point of time, Vrajesh seems to have lost his sense of humor now.
There's a scene in the film where Jackky and Arshad are cornered by the CIA near the Indian embassy in Pakistan. After a few gunshots, security forces of different countries who are randomly present at the same spot, randomly open fire at each other. To make matters worse, each person is labeled; so Iraq opens fire on USA while Russia and Ukraine are having their own war on the street. Their attempt to gain laughs on this episode badly backfired and drew many boos.
Exaggeration takes on a whole new meaning with this film. Every person in Pakistan apparently roams around with a gun! From the moment that two protagonists realise they're on Pakistani land, their entire outlook towards the people and place change. Sadly that's exactly the kind of mindset that should not be encouraged. 
The Gujju community are portrayed to be permanently kanjus and hungry with Jackky Bhagnani leading the way. The actor tries so hard to impress that even his father who produced the film must have told him to calm-the-hell-down. Jackky has gone from being F.A.L.T.U to completely W.A.S.T.E.D.
I don't even know why Lauren signed this film. She had 5 dialogues in the whole movie as a Pakistani intelligence officer.
The only part she could manage to grab screen time was for her song, 'Shakira'. We appreciate her attempt to be a part of the big bad Bollywood industry, but doing the categorical 'dumb blonde' role in this women centric era will certainly get her nowhere. 
Arshad Warsi is the only saving grace in the film who naturally manages to bring on the laughs at certain places with his comic timing. Arshad wasn't a part of any promotional activities for the film. The actor disassociated himself from the film after going though its final rushes. And rightly so.

Our Verdict:

Even if you like corny dialogues or Jackky Bhagnanii I still wouldn't advise you to watch this film. If you're going to see it for the hot and sexy Lauren you'd rather watch her song online, but if you want to see Arshad Warsi's slick coming timing, you can leave you brains behind and maybe watch it for him. Just maybe.

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