Zoya copies from Belgian film!

After watching Zoya Akhtar's short story in this week’s release, Bombay Talkies, we got a call from a source working on the project who revealed that her film wasn't an original work! We initially thought it was perhaps a rumour or some loose talk from a disgruntled ex-employee of the director. But after watching Bombay Talkies and then looking at the alleged Belgian film Ma vie en rose (My Life in Pink) which it is said to be based on, our doubts were laid to rest.  There are indeed a lot of similarities between My Life in Pink and Zoya's chapter. Both the films have the same story - a young boy cross dressing and facing gender identity crises. Zoya's film like the original has young actor Naman Jain in the role of a boy who worships Katrina Kaif and dreams of dancing to her songs some day. However, the film has an abrupt end and we never really get to see the full story.  Buzz is that Zoya watched the film a few years back and had wanted to make it as a short film even before Bombay Talkies was conceptualised.

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