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Young B-townie, Palak Muchhal sings in 17 languages!

Being a multilingual nation gives us the advantage of being bi-lingual or tri-lingual at the least. However, here's a young lady who has surpassed these with an insane number. We are talking about the very talented, Palak Muchhal, the girl who stole our hearts with her debut Bollywood song ‘Lapata’ from 'Ek Tha Tiger' and 'Chahu Mai Ya Na' from Aashiqui 2.

Palak who is only 22 years old can already sing in 17 languages! The bubbly girl confesses, "I sing in 17 languages because I find it extremely exciting to sing in the local language of whichever city or country I am performing in." Palak further adds, "When I visit Dubai, I sing in Arabic, when I go to Africa, I sing in Swahili and when I'm in Singapore, I sing in Malay." Though Palak does not follow all these languages, she manages to learn the lyrics by heart and understand the situation the song is placed in. Initially, the super cool singer would perform in different languages only at her concerts but now also records in the same. However, in terms of recording Palak considers Tamil to be the most difficult one but is also confident that with time she will get a hang of it. The singer has put in lots of efforts in mastering the diction and pronunciation of several languages and now seems to be quite familiar with most of them.

The curly haired beauty has certainly made her mark in the industry and being blessed with such incredible talent has only widened her scope to do bigger and better works. ?

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