When Zeenat Aman got beaten up

It is a sad story of love turned sour. Sanjay Khan and Zeenat Aman apparently fell in love with each other when they were shooting for Khan's film, Abdullah. And reportedly had even tied the knot. Sanjay Khan at that time was already a married man with three children. But even before the release of the film, it took a violent turn. It is said that Zeenat had given enough dates to Khan for Abdullah. And after the completion of the shoot, she had begun shooting for another film in Lonavla. Khan, however, was not happy with the way the film had turned out and he wanted to reshoot certain portions and needed Zeenat's dates. According to a film magazine, on the sets in Lonavla, Zeenat was heard pleading with Khan on the phone that she has already committed those dates to other producer. Sanjay apparently at that point of time accused her of having affairs outside the relationship. Stressed by the turn of events, Zeenat apparently travelled back to Mumbai with her hairdresser to meet Sanjay and convince him of her loyalty towards him. She was told that he is partying in Taj hotel. She went there and requested someone to inform Sanjay that she is waiting outside and would like to speak to him for a few minutes. Zeenat planned to just speak to Khan and travel all the way back to Lonavla. But Sanjay apparently in an inebriated state, was not in the mood for any chat with her. As soon as he saw her, he is said to have started hitting her, to the horror of onlookers. No one came to Zeenat's help, as Khan apparently went on violently bashing her head against the wall. Her hairdresser tried intervening, and she was apparently physically thrown out of the room by Khan. It is said that Khan's wife Zarine was also present at the scene and she cheered her husband to hit Zeenat more. The onlookers have later justified not intervening because Sanjay was behaving like a maniac and they were afraid he would hit them too. Zeenat was all blood soaked and it was a steward who managed to reach her home. It is said that one of Zeenat's eyes got totally injured in the whole incident. However, Zeenat later surprised everyone by defending Sanjay's act. Zeenat never lodged a police complaint against Khan. Sanjay Khan' Rumor has it that Sanjay Khan, who was married with three children, fell in love with Zeenat when they met on the met on the sets of Abdulla in Jaisalmer in 1980. Apparently the two actually got married and started living together. Obviously it didn't take long for Sanjay's wife Zarine to find out. People say she was furious and wasn't going to silently watch it all happen. Supposedly she confronted Zeenat at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai and beat her up! Some say it was with a chair. To this day, one of Zeenat's eyes looks scarred.

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