When Dilip Kumar was caught red-handed

Dilip Kumar, who is hailed as one of the best actors, if not the best, to enter the industry, seems to have led a more or less controversy free life till date. He seemed like the epitome of decency. He had fallen for Madhubala in his younger days and after her father opposed the match, the two had gone their different ways. After that he married Saira Bano and the couple seemed blissfully in love with each other for many years. But it was in the early 80s that even this legendary actor managed to shock everyone with a scandal that not only rocked the industry but also put his marriage in danger. It came to light that Dilipsaab even when being married to Saira Bano was having a clandestine affair with a Pakistani woman, Aasma. The actor is said to have been caught red-handed with the woman, who is later claimed to have been married to her Dilipsaab. Once the cat was out of the bag, Dilip reacted by denying everything. He is said to have stayed put at home for days together, fearing questions from people. Saira Bano, who is much younger to her husband and who's been very loyal to the man, was shattered when she came to know that the 'mistress' has been in Dilip's life for many years before their relationship was discovered. He kept denying the relationship and that's when the media went into an investigation drive and managed to get hold of the nikaahnaama between Dilip Kumar and Aasma. Aasma had to be booted out of his life. People are still wondering why Dilip Kumar, who is Muslim and can legally marry four times, didn't have the courage to own up to an affair. Anyway, Saira decided to stay back and their marriage was saved.

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