When celebs sue media?

Saif to sue news agency for false report: Over news report flowing in about Saif Ali Khan's alleged tiff with the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) personnel at the Lucknow airport.
Denying the incident, Saif Says, "This is totally baseless. There was no tiff of any kind. What has come out as 'news' is in fact totally distorted. It was a polite conversation and nothing as dramatic as what is being put on print actually happened at all." It was reported by a news agency that Saif was asked to leave the VIP lounge of the Lucknow airport when he was shooting of his next film Bullet Raja opposite Sonakshi Sinha. Saif further added, "It is weird that media has come down to this level. I am inclined to take an action now and my lawyers are working on suing the ones responsible behind this news-piece. Stories like these are damaging." When confirmed about the news from Joint General Manager - Operations at the Lucknow airport, who reached out to Saif immediately after said to a leading news paper, ""Mr. Khan didn't misbehave with anyone at the airport. In fact it was a pleasure meeting him. I look forward to seeing him soon." Being in showbiz usually stars show their 'no care' attitude over such issues, but there have been instances when they knocked door. Let's have a look:
Pooja Bhatt sued Stardust: In later 90s, when Internet was introduced in India, Pooja Bhatt was among the the first victim of the cyber crime. Pooja Bhatt’s head was morphed onto a naked woman’s body and posted on a website. Following that, the leading film magazine 'Stardust' published a story on the incident in 1997- A filmi rag. Miffed with the incident Pooja had filed police complaints against Stardust, lawsuits slapped against the internet site. Later what happened was weird, not reading the complete article, a group of right-wing formed a human chain outside Pooja Bhatt’s home, holding her responsible. Later, an ‘NGO’ conceded that it had sent a 'morcha' to Pooja Bhatt’s home because she had earlier refused to do a campaign for them.
Preity Zinta's defamation case against Mid Day: In 2005, Preity Zinta had initiated criminal proceedings against leading news paper ‘Mid Day’ by filing a defamation case for publishing a text of telephonic conversation between her and actor Salman Khan that allegedly had sexual overtones. The defamation case was based on a transcript of a conversation supposedly between Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai in which Salman referred to his relationship with Zinta which appeared in Mid-Day's July 15 issue.
Neeraj Verma sues Pakistani news paper:  A bollywood actor has sued Pak media concerning to a news report in which his picture was published mentioning him as Qasab.  On discovering this, Neeraj Verma has initiated legal action and sued the papers to the tune of Rs 10 crore.   Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: There are many stars in Hollywood who has sued media for reasons like calling them drug addictive, pregnant or sex tape. But when it came to true love,  Hit Jodi of Hollywood - Brangelina had sued London tabloid 'News of The World' in 2010 for reporting that the couple had called it quits, planned to split up their assets and were working on a custody arrangement for their six kids.

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