When Ashok Kumar was conned

This must be one of the worst cons done by a producer of a film.  When Nanabhai Bhatt (Mahesh Bhatt’s father) decided to make a movie on an invisible man, Mr. X, he thought Ashok Kumar would be perfect as a hero. Those days actors were signed on a daily wage basis, so Dadamuni was signed for Rs. 1000 a day. But poor Ashok Kumar didn’t know that the director was a shrewd man. Ashok appeared on the sets on day one and they got him to shoot the beginning and end of the movie on one day. The rest of the days the hero was not even called, because the producers got the rest of the movie done by a cheaper extra, as the rest of the movie shows the hero in a mask! Ashok Kumar was livid when he came to know that he’s been conned to do a 3 hour movie for just Rs. 1000.
We can safely say that Nanabhai’s sons Mahesh and Mukesh have managed to get their shrewdness direct from their dad! And guess who the extra who played Ashok Kumar’s role' Mehmood who was a struggling actor at that time!

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