What stars say and what they mean

You may have often heard Politically correct and highly optimistic statements by our Bollywood celebrities… but do they really mean what they say? Here we are decode the clichés they love spewing, some coached by a team of publicists and some having learned from experience. Here we reveal a few statements that are the most common yet diagonally opposite.
1. What they say: We're just good friends
What They Mean: We had a fling, but you can't expect me to dump my husband/boyfriend for him/her!
  2. What they say: I don't like to party
What They Mean: Nobody invites me to any parties!
  3. What they say: I've become selective and am looking for the right kind of script
What They Mean: I'm old and jobless, nobody is offering me a film, and I will sign anything that I'm offered. Even a cameo or an item number would do.
  4. What they say: I will expose myself only if it suits the script
What They Mean: Listen up, all producers and directors! I'm willing to drop my top if I'm paid the right price. It would be the perfect opportunity to show off my implants. Someone please offer me a film now!
  5. What they say: I have many offers, but they are still in the talking stage…I can’t really talk about them unless they are finalized…
What They Mean: I don’t have a single film in hand. I am hoping that by the time I speak to you next time, I will have something to talk about.
  6. What they say: We are not rivals…She is way senior than me. I respect her body of work.
What They Mean: How can you compare the two of us? Can’t you see she is almost two years older than me? Give me two more years and see where I reach.
  7. What they say: Beauty is only skin deep
What They Mean: Yeah, I got roles only when plastic surgery and botox finally gave me 'beauty' and good 'deep skin'.
  8. What they say: We are not friends, but that doesn’t mean we are fighting….
What They Mean: I just hate her.
  9. What they say: The director and I have had creative differences…so I opted out
What They Mean: I tried interfering and he booted me out.
  10. What they say: The star’s inputs are valuable, It only helped the film: Director
What They Mean: The superstar refuses to be a part of the film if we don’t bow down to his stupid suggestions. So be it.
  11. What they say: We are waiting to get the star’s dates: Producer
What They Mean: We are still in the process of begging the star to give some of his time.
  12. What they say: We chose actress AAA because she fits the role to the tee
What They Mean: The superstar recommended her name and we had no choice but take her in.
  13. What they say: We are working on the script so the schedule is a bit delayed
What They Mean: We are still in the process of begging the star to give us some time.
  14. What they say: It’s a unique script
What They Mean: It's copied from such a rare, inaccessible film that we dare you to catch us. We only hope that our film does not meet the same 'rare', 'inaccessible' fate days after release.
  15. What they say: It’s a family entertainer
What They Mean: Everyone in the family will abuse after watching it
  16. What they say: My favourite film is godfather  
What They Mean: I don’t know another great Hollywood movie to name.

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