Want to be the highest-paid actor!

In showbiz, grooming, fitness and good looks all play an important role, but conventionally average looking Nawazuddin Siddiqui has made a mark for himself purely with his acting skills.
According to the versatile actor being a struggler in Bollywood and rejections has only made him stronger. The kind of place he comes from had only two career options, either a farmer or a dacoit and he chose neither of them.
He did go through a frustrating phrase, when he had to do several miss-and-blink roles in super-hit blockbusters like Sarfarosh and Munnabhai, but now he has the freedom to choose varied roles. He also believes in being active on the theatre front

The 39-year-old actor says, he may even do a street play tomorrow if he feels like it, as he believes in his inner calling and does not carry the baggage of stardom with himself.
Lastly, he wants to be the highest-paid actor, not the highest-paid star, he concluded.

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