Vivek to take paternity leave

Vivek Oberoi is obviously super excited these days. He is busy preparing for arrival of his first baby. And understandably he is keen to be by his pregnant wife Priyanka's side - who is expecting their first child in early February. Vivek will be on month long paternity leave for which he is wrapping up all his work commitments as soon as possible. "I want to be there with Priyanka when our child arrives,"says Vivek in an interview, all geared up to be a hands-on father. "I have read, I don't know how many books on the subject, been to all the doctor's appointments with Priyanka, have been busy doing up the nursery. I just can't wait to be a dad and hold our bundle of joy,"adds the actor who had been shuttling to and fro from Bengaluru so far. "I am feeling on top of the world already,"shares Vivek excitedly. In 2013 he will be seen in films like Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story, Krissh 3, followed by Grand Masti and two more. "Diverse roles in films apart, I will become a dad soon, which is the most important role of my life. I am thrilled beyond words," he says.

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