Visiting India on Butler's wish list

The 43-year-old Hollywood actor Gerard Butler says he wants to visit India soon to experience peace and calm.

 Butler, who plays a former secret service agent in the film "Olympus Has Fallen", says he considers India as a place away from negative emotions.

The actor was keen to visit the country around his birthday in November 2012, but his plans were cancelled last minute.

"To me, India is a place away from ego and selfishness and complete opposite from here. It's in my top ten places in the world I want to not just go visit but actually stay there for some peace and calm," Butler, who has been to India earlier, said in a statement.

Directed by Antoine Fuqua, "Olympus Has Fallen" released here in Hindi and English Friday and will hit theatres in Tamil and Telugu April 5 and April 19, respectively.

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