Vishwaroop: Gutsy but disappointing

Just a scene or two after Vishwaroop opens, there is this scene where Kamal Haasan is teaching dance to a bunch of pretty girls. This takes you back to the now forgotten Kamal Haasan of Sagar Sangamam and Sadma days, when he showcased his dancing skills, apart from the other talents. And this also reminds us of his healthy spine. After all, how many macho heroes have the gumption to play a effeminate dance teacher? Vishwaroop starts with the narration of a rotting three year marriage between Vishwanathan (Kamal) and Dr. Anupama (Pooja). Anupama is clearly in this marriage for selfish reasons (money and career) and thinks she is in love with her boss, Dipankar. She also hires a private detective to keep an eye on her husband, simply because she wants to find out some dirty secret, so that she feels less guilty about wanting to break the marriage. And then there's an uncle (Shekhar Kapoor) who drops in unannounced. This, even she doesn't realise, will lead to the opening of a pandora's box. An absolute adrenalin pumping scene comes when the effeminate Vishwanathan, turns into a fight machine Taufiq, much to the shock of his disrespecting wife. The movie then takes us through the myriad world of Taliban, Osama Bin Laden and what not. Even as there are moments which are captured subtly and sensitively (especially the scene where the Jihadi (Rahul Bose)'s family is involved, the film in itself is marred by too many loopholes and broad brush strokes. As for the casting, Kamal Haasan, even though much older, carries the role with aplomb, but it is the smaller actors that complete the whole set up. The biggest irritant is the main villain, played by Rahul Bose. Bose, as the one eyed jehadi, is unable to convince either by his looks or by his performance. His right handed man (Jaideep Ahlawat) seemed more suitable for the role. While Vishwaroop can be given credit for some thrilling action and for being well-researched, it ends up being a bit of a disappointment. After all, we are expected to expect a lot more from someone like Kamal Haasan.

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