Vidya Balan's first serious relationship

Vidya Balan may have been termed the 'jinx factor' at the start of her career, but today she has won the award for the best actress back-to-back four times, a feat achieved by none other. She recently disclosed that Siddharth is her first serious relationship. She met Siddhart for the first time when she won an award for' Paa, she had started shooting a day before for UTV's 'No One Killed Jessica' and knew of him, but had not met him till then. They met again much later and started seeing each other even later. When asked what attracted her to Siddhart she said "Apart from his looks... just the person he is. He is non-judgemental, which is rare. He lets people be. He is self-assured and is accepting of people the way they are. He is very easy to be around. He likes to have a good time and lets you be the way you are and that's what I respect about him.". she said she dint fall in love with him when he was her producer. They fell in love way after 'No One Killed Jessica'. As live-in relationship was not for Vidya's style and Siddharth is her first serious relationship, for them Marriage was the most natural progression that happened. She has now taken a month-long marriage break. When asked her future as an actor she simply said "I am an actor and will always be. That's part of who I am... and I am also married now. I don't think marriage has changed me in any way, except that it allows me to wear the sindoor that I really enjoy wearing."

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