Veena Malik slams Mallika.

Pakistani actress Veena Malik is grabbing the headlines once again. She claims that The Bachelorette India was offered to her first.
Controversial actress Veena Malik is grabbing headlines again. This time for slamming B-town's yet another controversial queen Mallika Sherawat.
According to Veena, the makers of The Bachelorette India approached her first before offering the show to Sherawat. What's even more surprising is her reason in refusing to do the show. Apparently, the hot babe rejected Mallika's show because she found it to be an exact copy of her cancelled show Swayamvar.
She went on to say that Mallika's Bachelorette India is unflattering, not exciting or even a least bit genuine.
Well looks like we have got ourselves yet another catfight in hand!

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