Unwell Bipasha sent back home

Actress Bipasha Basu, who has been shooting for around three weeks for her upcoming flick Creature in Ooty, has been sent back to Mumbai due to her ill health.

An insider says, "Bipasha Basu isn't well from a long time, and she was also feeling homesick. The actress couldn't attend her father's birthday as well, which was last week. It seems like Bipasha isn't getting break from her packed schedule. She also has a cold and throat infection because of which she can barely talk on the sets."

Director Vikram Bhatt could not see her in such condition, and further discussing with producer Bhushan Kumar, he sent the actress home for three days.

Bipasha confirmed, saying, "I am very unwell and on heavy antibiotics. I can't talk much." Bhushan adds, "She was unwell and homesick so we gave her three days break."

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