Twitter jokes on superstar Rajinikanth go viral!

Merely a few days before his next mega movie of the year Kochadaiiyaan is set to release, superstar Rajinikanth's decision to join twitter has taken the social media platform by storm.

Here are the top 10 jokes which went viral:

1. Breaking: Twitter is joining Rajinikanth this week

2. The twitter bird used to be an eagle before rajinikannth scared it into becoming a small cute blue bird.

3.Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg hospitalised with serious injury...rajinikanth poked him on facebook

4.Rajinikanth's next movier is called twitter. He plays 140 characters

5.Rajini updates fb status with a calculator

6.rajinikanth's email id:

7.My computer doesn't need a u.p.s., becuase it has a picture of rajinikanth as the wallpaper

8.When rajinikanth logs in,he informs twitter what's trending

9.Rajinikanth has read facebook can never find rajinikanth becuase you don't find rajinikanth;rajinikanth finds you!

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