Trouble on the sets of 'Dhoom 3'?

Rumour has it that producer Aditya Chopra and director Vijay Acharya of Dhoom 3 are having problems with each other. Apparently Adi has always had his way when it comes to the films he produces as he is the one ensuring big bucks for the film. But this time Aditya seems to have gone overboard with his preposterous ideas. A source close to the director reveals, "Vijay is the one who has not only written the script but is also directing this project. He has fixed ideas on what kind of music will fit this super action thriller. But Aditya seems to have different ideas. He wants the music of this film to be more like last year's biggest hit 'Barfi!' On the other hand, Vijay believes that they should work on the 'Dhoom' style grunge music." Insiders find this idea rather awkward coming from Aditya, "Can anyone imagine Aamir Khan, the villain of the movie zooming away on his bike with sweet tunes in the background?" Aditya apparently is adamant on carrying on with the idea. Sources further reveal, "The director-producer duo even had a long meeting with each one giving his take on why he feels this kind of music fits the film. But somehow they haven’t reached an agreement."

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