Trivia about Rajesh Khanna

Now that there are news items about Rajesh Khanna’s property being under dispute, is floating around, here are a few little known details about the super duper star.
1. Rajesh Khanna and R.D. Burman were the best of friends. Rajesh Khanna absolutely loved his buddy and would always go to him during crisis. So when R.D. Burman passed away, Khanna was apparently in London, once he heard the news he is said to have broken down and immediately took the first flight back home, to be able to take part in his best friend’s funeral.
2. Rajesh Khanna’s famous chappals were actually from Kolkata. Khanna was very fond of a particular brand of chappal which was available only in one shop in Kolkata. His friend Biswajit is said to always arrange for a box of chappals in his size sent to Mumbai.
3. Amar Prem was a remake of a Bengali film, Nishipadma. The original role was played by Uttam Kumar. Rajesh Khanna is said to have watched the Bengali original more than 30 times to get to know the nuances of the role.
4. Rajesh Khanna was quite used to the mad fan following that he’s had. But even he was overwhelmed when apparently Nargis Dutt asked him for an autograph. She wanted it for her eldest daughter, Namrata, who was a big Rajesh Khanna fan.
5. He had another fan in the industry, Neetu Singh. Once Neetu apparently met the superstar and expressed a desire to work with him only once. Khanna made sure she was cast along with him in his next film, Mahachor.
6. It is said that at one time both Sharmila Tagore and Mumtaz were vying for his affection. Even though Kaka was more veering towards Tagore, he was fond of Mumtaz too. He would affectionately call her ‘Moti’ (the fat one)

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