The networking bug bites Bollywood!

The internet has led to a number of avenues and given people the opportunity to communicate with each other in different ways. We are in a place where everything is surrounded by 'likes', 'pins', 'tweets' and 'shares'. Since social media has taken the world by storm, how can our tech savvy bollywood celebrities be far behind? Today everybody from Amitabh Bachchan to Kamal R Khan, from Priyanka Chopra to Poonam Pandey have all gone viral! Having realized the power of social networking, celebs today are making the most of sites like 'facebook' and 'twitter' to connect with their fans. From updating their status, posting personal pictures to chatting with their fans, Bollywood celebrities these days are gung-ho about Social Networking. Moving away from traditional means of promotion and publicity, most celebs prefer connecting to their audience on a larger scale. Easily accessible, no geographic constraints and almost zero cost make it all the more viable. When Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia D'souza posted their photo during the marriage ceremony on their official Facebook page, it generated more than 5000 likes and hundreds of comments in a few hours. Similarly, in 2007, Aamir became that exceptional Bollywood celebrity who chose the medium of Blogging to interact with his fans, globally. His regular blogging spree became a huge hit, as people got to interact with the star on a personal level. Soon, he ventured on to the medium of social networking and this was started mainly to promote the film '3 Idiots' which released in Dec 2008. Today Aamir has around 5.6 million likes on facebook. Not only are actors and actresses using social forums, but also are directors, musicians, authors etc. With the increase in the cost of advertising promotions producers of films have resorted to internet marketing and social networking. For the movie 'student of the year', Karan Johar used social networking sites like facebook, pintrest, google plus and twitter. To generate the hype there was a dedicated team updating posts and tweets keeping the audience up-to-date about all the events. As a result of this within a few days of going viral, the 'student of the year' page on facebook had 74,000 likes and 9,500 followers on twitter. Social media is definitely one of the most powerful marketing tools today. Be it a product, a brand or even a movie!                                                                                 By Biscoot Editorial

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