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They are grown up men but their naughtiness is still a part of their lives Here's a list of mischievous stars who love playing pranks on their unsuspecting friends. Suniel has tried all kind of tricks with all his colleagues, especially the heroines. Suniel is known for flicking mobile phones and other valuables and returning them when the colleagues would go crazy searching for their things. Don't go by Ajay Devgan's serious outward appearance. This actor is one of the funniest on the sets. He would create problems with two co-stars just for the heck of it and then have a big laugh while revealing it to them. He is called Narad Muni fondly by his friends who have been victims to his pranks during the shoot of Kaal, Ajay terrorized a dress designer who was afraid of ghosts. While the dress designer was busy with the shoot, Ajay ordered his staff to turn everything in the designer's room, upside down. When the designer reached his room late at night he was petrified to see his room and ran out thinking it is the act of a ghost. Shahid Kapoor has a naughty streak in him too. He generally targets his heroines to play pranks on. Amrita Rao, his co-actress in Vivaah has been the butt of most of his pranks. Don't go by Salman Khan's stand offish behaviour. When he is in a great mood, this Tiger can turn into quite a prankster too. During the making of Lucky, Salman is said to have teamed up with Mithun Chakraborthy to play a prank on Sneha and others. Mithun and Salman started fighting and started getting into blows. The crew members and Sneha were shocked and tried pacifying the two but they would just not listen. Finally when the two men burst out laughing did the crew realise that it was all a part of the prank. The thinking woman's sex symbol, Aamir Khan is no less either. His favourite prank of spitting on other's palm turned ugly when his then close friend Juhi Chawla took serious offence. The two apparently were not on speaking terms for eight years before they patched up recently. There is one more Khan on the pranksters list - Aamir Khan. Till some years ago, Aamir's favorite prank used to be spitting into his unsuspecting colleagues' hand while pretending to read the palm. Vivek Oberoi is quite a prankster too. He was shooting with Dia Mirza and knowing that it is her birthday, he hatched a plan. He asked everyone to not wish her at all. Through the day when nobody wished her, Dia is said to have started crying and that's when the group took her to a room where they had planned a surprise birthday bash for her. Abhishek Bachchan possesses a great sense of humour and is quite mischievous too. A lot many co-stars, including his own wife, have fallen prey to Abhishek's pranks.   By Biscoot Editorial

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