Sushmita's online rage!

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. In Sushmita Sen’s case like a woman wronged! The actress is fuming over reports suggesting that she is tying the knot  to ex-Pakistani cricket captain Wasim Akram. Over the last two weeks there has been speculation over Sush allegedly tying the knot with Akram in the coming months. Usually she refrains from reacting to gossip or rumors about herself, but this time around she took to ther Twitter account and expressed rage over this talk. Sush wrote, “ Hi guys!Been reading about my upcoming wedding with Wasim..ABSOLUTE RUBBISH!!! Goes to show just how irresponsible media can be sumtimes! Wasim Akram is a friend and will always be one!! He has a wonderful lady in his life.. rumors like these are uncalled for n disrespectful!”

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