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'Surkhaab' to strike the right cord- Exclusive at Biscoot.com

Sanjay Talreja's directorial project 'Surkhaab' shows a cinematic tale, that revolves around a woman who has to face unexpected ups and downs, when she illegally migrates to Canada to be with her younger brother. The movie is set to release in India and will hit the screens on 22nd May.
The plot that underlies the themes of globalisation, cross immigration and women empowerment, features the talented actress Barkha Madan in the lead role; Sumit Suri, Vinita Malik and Naresh Gosain in supporting roles.
'Surkhaab' has been initially screened at some of the best international platforms including film festivals like the Madrid International Film Festival and Comfest Festival in Toronto to name a few.
In the year 2013, the movie had already bagged the 'Best Foreign Language Film' at the London International Film Festival.
In an interview, producer Vivek Kumar was quoted saying, "Glad that movies with strong female protagonists are being well received by audiences. This film, with its talented star cast and gripping story is sure to strike a chord with the Indian diaspora across the globe."
He also added, "The response from the international festival circuit has been over-whelming and I am sure that the evolving Indian audience will enjoy the film as well."

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