Superstar Aamir Khan apologises!

Bollywood is full of scandals and controversies, but very few come out in the open and clear the air. This time we have none other than Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan. The superstar despite his popularity and stature in the industry, was forthcoming and apologised to the audience.  At a recently held DVD launch of his blockbuster film, PK, Aamir clarified that he had no intentions to hurt anyone. The movie was surrounded by quite a few controversies and also witnessed nation wide protests as the subject it dealt with was God and religion. He heartily apologised for hurting the sentiments of the masses and stood his ground. It was rare to have such a prominent personality come out clean for his beloved audience. Aamir is now preparing for his upcoming movie, Dangal wherein we get to see the handsome star like never before!

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