Still not over her ex-boyfriend?

They say letting go and moving on ain't easy as it seems. Bollywoods top ranking actress who went through a very public break up proves that the sentiment is quite true. Sources reveal that this leggy lass who broke up with her super star boyfriend to start dating another actor hasn't quite moved on from her ex!

Despite the public display of affection, the hugs and the kisses at a recent award show, the actress still harbors feelings for her ex who is in a relationship with another leading actress. A friend close to her says, "It's very complicated. Even though she's moved on for the world to see deep down she still misses him and gets emotional every time sell me mentions his name. It is very similar to the situation she was in a recent blockbuster film the ex lovers started in !."

The fact that her current boyfriend is madly in love with her might be true but friends aren't quite sure how long this relationship will last! Love knows no logic and reason, so don't be surprised if these two love birds dump their current love interests and get back together some time in the near future!

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