SRK plans to do Ra.One 2!

After the huge success of Chennai Express, King Khan now wants to make a sequel to his sci-fi flick Ra.One (2011). Shah Rukh set a new benchmark in Indian cinema with the use of state of the art technology in Ra.One, and now he wants to do Ra.One 2.
SRK says, "Technology and equipment alone aren't enough to make a technologically high-end film. We have the latest technology and the equipment, but we lack trained technicians. For Ra.One, we had hired 50 foreign-trained technicians. I would love to work in Ra.One 2, but it's not easy. For a film with a different genre like Ra.One, I'll need at least two to three years of preparation."
But the question is will Ra.One 2 succeed or will it be a dud like Ra.One

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