SRK edits Akshay out!

The war between Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar is heating up! The two actors clash on the Eid weekend this year with SRK's Chennai Express and Akki's Once Upon A Time in Mumbai 2 releasing on the same date. There are reports that Shah Rukh used his influences.   In spite of Akshay Kumar and the OUATIM2 team being at the same venue Shahrukh deliberately overshadowed them. Although Akshay had booked a special box at the stadium with producer Ekta kapoor, many were left wondering why the camera never panned towards them even once. Apparently the King Khan had arranged with the broadcasting channel’s cameraman to keep the entire team off camera! Akki who is usually known for editing out other actors from his film had a taste of his own medicine from SRK!

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