SRK accused of plagiarism!

Shah Rukh Khan is not only the King of Romance, but also the King of Controversies! The actor, who is always in the news, is now caught in a plagiarism row. Reportedly, his recent, inspirational speech at the All India Management Association (AIMA) is similar to J.K Rowling's commencement speech at Harvard back in 2008.

The similarities were pointed out by blogger Agratha Dinakaran, who said, "The man (SRK) literally quoted those lines verbatim and didn't even credit her for it. He came across as this humble and honest guy who spoke from his heart, while parts of his speech were clearly stolen!"

"Maybe he did have an impoverished childhood. Maybe he did live in poverty. Maybe he became the best that he could be after his failures. But does that justify blatantly stealing someone's words without giving them due credit? This to me, is despicable and is honestly very insulting to Rowling. I hope the media stops singing praises of his speech and actually points out where the parts of brilliance in his speech actually were from." she added.  

Shailaja, SRK's digital strategist retorted to this news saying, "For goodness sake, it is a Harvard speech by J.K Rowling, the educated pretty much everywhere already know of it! And the same educated people also know that J.K Rowling used those famous lines from a management book by James Galbraith!"

Shailaja also defended SRK by adding, "Isn't it fair to say many a times during a speech to keep the flow going people don't quote very famous words? But clearly being sensible is not something that we are dealing with here...are we?"

 However, Shailaja clarified that she has written this post on her own accord and not on behalf of Shah Rukh Khan. 


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