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Songs that became chart toppers from Coke Studio India

The Indian Music industry is all set to get a booster shot with the arrival of the fourth season of  Coke Studio.  The initiative of Coke Studio to push forward a different flaovour of music, in the Bollywood dominated film industry is a commendable effort. With the fourth season of Coke Studio scheduled to go on air this Sunday, the effort is all set to take a step forward. Coke Studio can also be credited of giving songs to the nation which in terms of popularity competed with their Bollywood counterpart.

In the previous seasons of Coke Studio, we have come accross some phenomenal compositions, which have gained applauds all over.

A.R. Rahman has spun the beauty of melodies with compositions like 'Zariya' and 'Jagao Mere Des Ko'. 'Zariya', which is invented with a blend of peaceful Buddhist music, shows the tantalizing side of Arabian music too. The variations shown by Farah Siraj and her control over taal, is compelling to watch. 'Jagao Mere Des Ko', an excellent display of  beats and classical literals by Rahman and Suchi. The duo's voice, which  suited the essence of the song, depicted why the Hindustani classical music is still the core of eternal music.

With a strong percussive arrangement, Clinton Cerejo's composition for songs 'Madari', sung by Vishal Dadlani and Sonu Kakkar, talks about how no situation in life is in our control and we can only play along with the almighty, i.e. the Madari.

'Kattey', by Ram Sampath, is this crazy fusion of two completely different worlds – Bhanvari Devi's traditional, powerpack Rajasthani vocals, fused with Hard Kaur's rap music based on her personal life. Two personalities from two different universes come together in this Ram Sampath song to celebrate freedom, rebellion & belonging.

Produced by Hitesh Sonik, the spiritual track 'Allah Hoo', sung by Nooran sisters, Jyoti and Sultana, depicts a sufi blend, which goes beyond religion and talks about true love for the Almighty. Hitesh has effortlessly managed to bring a rock vibe to the song.

Singer/composer Salim Merchant, has given Coke Studio some extremely intense tracks to hear. Out of all 'Kajar Bin Kare' and 'Kare Mann Bhajan' are the most popular ones. The beats in these songs make you feel the adrenaline pumping. 'Kajar Bin Kare' is a soulful rendering by Salim Merchant and a beautiful composition by Karsh Kale. 'Kare Mann Bhajan' is amongst the most heartfelt Hari-bhajan, carrying elegant and melodic tunes.

Amit Trivedi's urban melodies are most of the time inspired from very traditional or earthy backgrounds. The composer has given us soothing tracks like 'Baari Baari', 'Yatra' and also fun loving songs like 'Naariyan'.

The youth of today want more than the usual and Coke Studio will endeavor to quench their thirst for original music created by India's most popular. Magic and excitement casts its spell as the upcoming season of coke studio shows its spark. It also gives a recognition to new-generation musicians to work along with veterans of the field.

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