Sonakshi shares Sallu's hobby

Sonakshi Sinha and Salman Khan share a common passion. Just like her mentor, Sonakshi also loves painting. Sonakshi is even shown teaching her co-star Ranveer Singh painting in her upcoming film 'Lootera'. According to grapevine, she will also paint for one of her promotional activities for the film. Sonakshi had said before that she is a fan of Salman's art. Apparently, now the actress is taking advice from Salman regarding painting in front of a live audience. The idea of Sonakshi painting is to launch the song ‘Sawaar loon’ from the film 'Lootera,' which is based on Ranveer's character, and their journey of falling in love while in the process of learning art. A source tells us, "It's true that Sonakshi has been taking tips from Salman and everyone will get to see her work at the launch event."

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