Sofia files FIR against Armaan

Here's the latest buzz in town, evicted contestant of the popular reality show Bigg Boss 7, Sofia Hayat, has registered a FIR against Armaan Kohli, for violent behavior against her at the Bigg boss house.

The two were involved in a nasty brawl and name calling that escalated after Armaan accidentally hit her with a mop stick, during a task. Sofia claims that she sustained a bruise on her chin, because of Armaan's violent behavior.

As per the reports, this morning Sofia approached the Santa Cruz police station to lodge a complaint against Armaan, for physical assault and defamation. The complaint has been recorded, but FIR is yet to be filed, as police have directed her to lodge the complaint at Lonavala police station, the area where the incident actually took place.

Post her eviction, Sofia had lashed out at Armaan's aggressive behaviour. "Armaan Kohli is a bastard! He hit me with a mop on my face! My jaw is still hurting. And the sad part is that this act of gross, ugly violence wasn't shown on Bigg Boss! That is really horrible!" Sofia had said.

On asking her about her decision the 29-year-old said, "Gauahar and Khushal told me to 'go to the police'. Why would they say it if Armaan hadn't done anything! Now I'm consulting my lawyers because I have to file a suit against Armaan. I have to go to cops against him, because as an international citizen and a woman of dignity, I can't allow anyone to use violence against me and get away with it."

She further added, "When I told Bigg Boss that either he should be out or I'm walking out, I was told that I should wait till Saturday. But later, I learnt that Armaan won't be evicted because he is close friends with Salman Khan. Even after the eviction, Salman didn't really blast him and the whole incident where he hit me, was pushed under the carpet."

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