Siddhant Kapoor dating Erika Packard

British origin B-town baddie Gavin Packard, who had featured in several 90’s blockbuster films, including Sadak, Tridev, Karan Arjun and Mohra, lead a very private life. Nobody knew neither about his personal life nor that he is survived by a daughter, model Erika Packard. Recently, Erika came into the limelight when she accompanied Siddhant Kapoor (Shakti Kapoor’s son) to the premiere of his debut film Shootout At Wadala. The closeness and the bonding shared by the duo sparked rumours that the children of the two baddies are dating. When Shakti was quizzed, he confirmed, “Erika is a lovely girl. They have been seeing each other for the last three years. She often comes home and we are all very fond of her.” Shakti added that his wife Shivangi too adores Erika, “We approve of their relationship though Erika is a Catholic. My family is very broad-minded about these things. It doesn’t matter to us. I wear a cross myself. Siddhanth and Erika are in Cannes at the moment for a long-deserved holiday. Siddhant has been struggling in the past few years to establish his acting career and he deserves this break” The couple were also spotted together at the success bash of Shootout At Wadala.

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