Shahzahn against Eve- teasing

Bollywood Actress Shahzahn Padamsee and her father, ad-man Alyque Padamsee, are all set to start a drive against eve-teasing. It will be called Izzat Ki Fauj. The announcement for the initiative was made on International Women's Day this Friday. "My dad Alyque Padamsee and I are going to start a course, which is basically people against eve-teasing, which leads to sexual harassment. It is going to be called Izzat Ki Fauj, and we will be out there fighting all these eve-teasers. So watch out for us very soon," the 25-year-old said here Friday at the Lavasa Women's Drive Awards ceremony. Alyque Padamsee in a well known theatre personality and ad filmmaker. Shahzahn was last seen in Sajid Khan's "Housefull 2" and will next be seen in "Disco Valley."

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