Shahid in mourning

Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor is in a state of depression. The actor is mourning Kaizer, his pet dog who passed away on April 15. Shasha has been left shattered, after the loss of his decade long companion.

  The actor, who stays alone, was extremely attached to his pet. He used to take Kaizer to the beach for a game whenever he got time. When shooting nearby, his pet also used to pay him a visit and cheer up Shasha. Shahid was spotted with his dog at the veterinary specialist's clinic few weeks back. Even then, the actor was quite depressed as Kaizer wasn't recovering and his health was deteriorating.

  Besides his shooting and other commitments, Shahid has cut off all communication with the outside world. The much depressed actor has turned stone faced and is mourning the loss of his beloved Kaizer.

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