Serious Action of Ajai Rao

Ajai Rao is known for his emotional performances in most of his films. Krishnan Love Story and Taj Mahal have been his most talked about films where he has proved his worth as a serious actor. But his serious act is going to get a serious image makeover now. The actor is going to position himself as an action hero for his next release, Jai Bajarangbali. "I'd never set out to be typecast as a romantic and tragic hero. I'm actually a black belt in karate and always dreamt of doing films with a lot of action and fights," says Ajai. The actor believes that because he has always been approached for romantic or tragic films, he is branded as a romantic hero. Ajai will be launching his own production house soon where he will work on movies that he wishes to do. Commenting on this Ajai said, "I want to do a typical masala, commercial flick, which will have me doing all the things that I wanted to do.'

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