Sasha-Ruslaan clash at BO!

After their bitter separation, ex-lovers Sasha Agha and Ruslaan Mumtaz will be facing each other once again. The buzz is that Sasha Agha’s debut film Aurangzeb and Ruslaan Mumtaz’s film I Don’t Luv You, will be releasing at the same time, clashing at the box office.   The two youngsters were dating each other at one point of time and were even supposed to tie the knot. But then the infamous MMS scandal of Sasha struck! The MMS video saw her kissing another guy which resulted into Ruslaan leaving her. After which she blamed Ruslaan for the controversy and leaking the MMS video to the media, for publicity.   A source says, “Though both of them prefer not to talk about the past, the clash of the release dates is yet again bringing to the limelight their past.” And it could be a ploy to garner more publicity.   Both Sasha and Ruslaan’s films will release on May 17.

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